Brad Colwell of Burnaby's yoga studio with hot yoga guru Bikram Choudhury

Welcome note from Brad Colwell

Welcome to Bikram's Yoga Metrotown and thank your for your interest in Bikram Yoga.

My name is Brad Colwell and this is my studio. I started practicing Bikram Yoga in Vancouver in December 1999 and completed the teacher training program under Bikram himself in 2000.



My vision for the studio is simple. I believe that it should be a place for anyone, in any condition, of any age, of any fitness level, and be able to bring themselves back to a healthy living state. For me, this is the most rewarding job an individual can do for his community. I want to help "Bring back the fire" that might be missing in one's life.

It was a surprise encounter when I first met Bikram. In August 2000, I went to visit the new Bikram headquarter studio being built in Los Angeles. When I walked through the door I saw Bikram himself standing there. I remember how enthusiastic he was to meet me and give me a tour of the new studio. I consider Bikram as an inspirational friend with whom I can just hang out, anywhere we meet in the world. It's also a great honor to represent him and to instill the values of his yoga method into the hearts and minds of every person I meet.



The biggest change I have seen in my life is being able to control my emotions when tempers flare, finding relaxation and calmness when problems arise so I am better able to solve them.

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 beginner postures. Bikram and several medical professionals designed this series to bring your body back to a healthy working order, to promote weight loss, prevent illness, and limit the effects of aging. Bikram Yoga is different from all other forms of yoga because it combines the skills of concentration, patience, determination, and self-control. It's performed in a heated room because the heat warms muscles, prevents injuries, and cleanses the body by flushing out all toxins by sweating.

My favorite students are beginners. It is amazing to see their life re-born right in the class. I think the biggest benefit for a beginner student is a sense of relaxation and serenity they gain after their first classes.



As students continue in their Bikram practice, new found confidence is achieved. They feel better in their bodies, they feel lighter mentally, less burdened emotionally, and energized physically.

I look forward to taking this yoga journey with you and look forward to meeting you in class and at the studio.