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November 8th

Our newest massage Therapist..

Meet Monica, which is also a long time student here.. She knows yoga and she knows massage..

book on-line or call for an appointment.

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October 24th

the mental benefits of Bikram yoga

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September 30th

Tips and tricks to help you in class

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September 15th

Electrolytes, why do i need them?

This is for all students that feel dizzy in class, lack of energy, or is cramping up. if you want more energy in class, take some electrolytes..Electrolyte part 1electroylyte part2read on..

September 14th

Erica and Her Pregnant Journey (update)

Back in July we wrote about amazing Erica, our pregnant student. We are happy to announce that her 9-month long journey has reached its destination!

But first, here is what Erica wrote back then, during her pregnancy:

“I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for about 9 years but stopped when I became pregnant. Feeling sluggish and lacking energy, I decided to return to Bikram yoga in my third trimester. I am very glad I went back. I am 39 weeks pregnant and I continue to do most of the things I did post pregnancy.

Of course, I move slower now and have to be more careful. But I still cook, clean, do the laundry and drive to get groceries. My Mom is amazed by how active I am. I AM amazed too by how active I still am. I tell my Mom it’s because of me doing hot yoga. I tell her not to worry because I modify some of the postures and that this yoga is safe for me to do even when I’m pregnant. Whether she believes me or not, I don’t know. What I believe is that Bikram yoga gave back the energy I was missing in the first half of my pregnancy. As always, I feel wonderful after class, both physically and mentally.

With my due date approaching (September 5) and my baby belly getting bigger, my friends and co-workers ask if I’ve had any back pain. I have gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy and all of the weight gain appears to be in my belly. I thought that I would have some lower back pain by now. But to my surprise, I have experienced very little, if any, back pain at all. Thank goodness. I do attribute this to the 90 minutes of being in the hot room. This yoga Mommy and her yoga baby would like to say thank you to Bikram yoga.”

Since this was written Erica has given birth to Makenzie on Aug 28th (7lbs 6 oz). She came to class in the morning and her water broke, going straight to the hospital and giving birth 4 hrs later.. We can’t wait to see Erica come back in to continue her journey…


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