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July 28th

Aug Long weekend schedule

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July 11th

7:15 class back! New summer schedule starting now!

Please be aware the 5:15 is now only Monday and Friday, with the adding 7:15 class Tues and Thurs.

happy summer everyone!

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July 8th

Summer special promo!

Wow! Get 10 classes for $100. this sale lasts until July 31st!

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Also we have wayback wednesday’s and a weekday noon drop-in special!

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July 7th

3 unbelievable testimonials.. who’s next?

Ben is the incredible shrinking man.. if you don’t believe it, come in and see Ben in class everyday. His story is incredible,, the hardest part? Showing up!!

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Visala in a 60 sec video tells you the miracle of just walking in, trying this yoga and getting immediate benefits..

61 yr old Visala testimonial

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Patrick was an athlete that had a couple of ‘fun’ sporting accidents. Needless to say he was down and out. Bikram yoga to the rescue! Thanks Patrick for showing up and sharing your story!

10453343_10154381037570144_1061364998450375313_nI guess when we get older and still behave like a 22 year old, and then getting hurt in the process, we just don’t bounce back the same way anymore.  In my case I had an incident skiing at Whistler. This lead to a crash where you see/taste snow really close up. I never really recovered or did much other than deal with the pain.  Then I had another incident, this time sailing. I am a (ex-Olympic-class-catamaran) sailor and love to make use of nature’s wind power. My girlfriend, a yogi, and I were flying up and down English-bay as usual where suddenly my trapeze hook broke, sending me into the water with my hand wrapped around a rope. The boat kept going and listed immediately, catapulting my girlfriend into the water as well, and yanking me literally out of the water back onto the now flipped boat lying on its side.  A visit to the doctor seemed unavoidable. So I did, but I was not willing to pop Aspirins every few hours and go back if it still hurts, just to hear more of the same.

Months went by, I kept thinking and hoping things will improve and heal. Instead it got gradually worse. Soon I could not move my shoulder at all!!!! Now this is very hard to take for someone who is active, physical and has a mind-set that the body will heal itself.  This evidently became a Frozen shoulder. What it felt like? Imagine muscles and tendons are sliding over each other and over bones with every move. Now glue gets injected between these layers. When that hardens everything is adhered together and if you try to move your arm nothing happens, except, this hurts like **** (I am not saying like child birth, but close to it).  It is like your elbow is tied solid to your waist. Try to just sneeze, sleep, get dressed or do any work with this!!?

Diagnosis: inflammation of the shoulder, possibly a torn rotator cuff and a hairline fractured Humeral head….and????  This could take 1 to 3 years to heal, or it can be permanent. 1 to 3 years? Hey, I have a business to run, and a family to feed…!

I do believe; thanks to Bikram Yoga, the injury’s caused by my incidents were not as severe as they could have been. This thanks to the flexibility and better reflexes gained in classes.  But then it also enables me to behave like a younger dude. (This might not be an entirely good thing) I am glad I stayed away from any pharmaceutical products and that “Possible Surgery”.

You have no idea how good it feels to just raise my arms again for the half-moon pose, to feel my shoulders and how the biceps can touch the side of my head again. A seemingly small thing can be such a big deal! Trust me is a huge deal for me. Bikram Yoga is on the my agenda for a long time now. All I want is a working body that can function in the future so i can enjoy a good-quality time. This all with an aging body that has been abused for many years with hard work and sports.

I learned, once again, not to take health/life  for granted. Bodies do age and we don’t know what we have to deal with next.  

Namaste Bikram Yoga.

July 7th

RMT, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Deep tissue Massage now available!

Our newest addition Nina which offers RMT massage, for anyone that needs a specialized massage. which is good to claim on your health insurance plan.

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Our massage/reflexoligist’s, Ana, Salah, and Tashu offer deep tissue, Hawaiian/relaxation, and energizing massages for before class.

Each one has availability all week.

Check the schedule and book on line here.

or call for appointment 604-451-3473

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